who is she?

Marise Gaughan is an Irish stand up comedian based in Dublin/London. When she first started comedy in Los Angeles in October 2016, she vowed to never lower herself to talking about sex. Now she talks about little else. That’s showbiz baby!

Her style has been described as dark, honest, and uncomfortable, but uncomfortable in a good way. A reviewer once wrote “she doesn’t work the room, she endures the room“. That reviewer is dead now.

Marise dabbles in pain porn comedy. She might have also just coined the term pain porn comedy. Her debut show, Drowning, is about her father’s (successful) suicide attempt and her (unsuccessful) one. It premiered at the Dublin Fringe Festival last September, where it was nominated for two awards. It didn’t win either of them which Marise is fine about because winning wasn’t going to bring her dad back to life.

Marise regularly gigs in the UK and Ireland. Check her upcoming dates if you want to be dazzled in person.